Setting Up Digital Advertising Campaigns Right!
Launch a Digital Online Campaign in Three Steps. Whether it's a brand campaign, B2C sales to end customers or B2B business campaign. This process can be applied to all online campaigns.
Is banner advertising still relevant today?
Advertising · 28. Februar 2023
Banner advertising is increasingly losing its importance. Additionally, Google is responding to the GDPR regulation with its own solution to the problem: the abandonment of third-party cookies and the new focus on cohort analysis. It is clear that with such measures, small businesses will suffer the most, and online sales will go into the basement.

Set up online brand campaigns and advertising materials correctly.
Advertising · 16. Februar 2023
In times of Corona or the ongoing Ukrainian war, people are increasingly using the Internet as this channel reflects an up-to-date situation of events almost every minute. It may sound heartless, but especially in such difficult times it is particularly important to make use of the mass of traffic on the various platforms.